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neverending change.

you have business impact data. 
you may have first insights, even a plan. 

and now?

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challenge people to create opportunities

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transformation programs | interim management

transformation programs | hands on interim management


old news.

New technology. 
Assertive customers. 

Competitors surprising you. 
New employee generations. 

Partnerships prefer. 

Opportunity = uncertainty. 

Disruption as a cliché.

daily reality.

Discovering a new business model, while the store is open. Your starting point: a 'strategic' plan, based on business performance data, customer experience insights and employee input.  

our experience.

Giving employees the opportunity to develop
a new way of working, based on an authentic story, 

leads to suprising results. 

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the objective.

Accelerating your business performance, unlocking hidden team potential combining business, creative and realisation skills. 

our service.

We realise short-cycled breakthrough programs, based on a true story and existing charactersWhere necessary, we act as interim manager.  

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We develop and realise short, intensive breakthrough programs: 


  • working with your own people

  • in a multidisciplinary setting/across business units  

  • using employee perspectives and business evidence

  • applying onorthodox, creative formats 

  • aligning their story with the changing business environment   

  • integrating it in their daily practice



In the usual speak: service design with customer experience as a guiding principle, short cycled interventions with every small step a practical outcome. Co-creating, applying an agile approach.

In street language. Using common sense, real experience and the creative skills of your own people involved. Add a drive for action, realisation skills, a touch of humor and relevant statistical data.

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Roeland van Schaik.

Creative changemaker, working with the storefront and the boardroom. Positive, playful and result driven, with an endurance athlete mentality. Served in strategy, sales, operations and human resources. Industries include service retail, private equity, advisory and recruitment. Started as a lawyer, woke up with an mba, now combining impro sports with statistics. Married and father of 3 angry young pirates. Failed enough to succeed. 





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Marjolijn Minnema

Change agent, focused on people development and coaching. Extensive experience being endresponsible for complex (HR)change-projects, team- and individual coaching and training in (inter)national professional organisations, in manufacturing and financial services. Result driven attitude, pragmatic approach. Rational, non-conformistic mindset, business sense. Rowing for power, golf for zen, enjoying a dynamic family with 3 sons


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