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scenario: 'solo? together!'

Private equity owned hearing aids retailer, quality leader with 200+ stores. Turbulent, regulated market with heavy competition, intense war for talent and serious price pressure.



Realise a one-man store formula where quality service stays accessible for customers and audiologists can be successful, even in smaller market areas.



Hands on realisation of full transformation program. Phase A: based on a pilot and townhall meetings, develop new store formula with the people involved, roll out to 80 stores. Co-develop a way of working, train and guide 80 audiologists. Phase B: take responsibility for 70 stores, with regional sales managers and self steering teams. 


Built a shared story, where store numbers became real people, using authentic movie trailers, portraits and frontline customer journey insights. Sustained country wide store-footprint, even in difficult market areas. People surprising themselves with increased resilience, entrepreneurship and unexpected profitability growth.

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